Thursday, December 19, 2013

The F Family

Hello again!

Things are quite busy over here at the Tyler home. Our house has been teeming with Christmas music, and Holiday activity. And yes, of course Christmas photos.

This time of year has shown to be very busy for my photography in 2013. There seems to be such a glow and warmth from all around me these days, it's contagious. That's why I had to share this recent family photo session I had with the F Family. These three beautiful ladies were so fun, and easy to photograph. There really was very little direction needed. This is how they really relate to one another- loving, joyful, and warm. With lots and LOTS of hugs (my favorite)!

Originally, our session  was scheduled for downtown Rosenberg, but Dawn asked me if I knew of any "dirt roads"? Do I EVER!!! Life as a photographer you know of many dirt roads. You might even get lost down a few...but that's for another blog, another time. Instead, we met at Seabourne Creek Park for a sunset session, and I am so very glad we did.

The moment I take a photo, I tend to know if it will be a "favorite" worthy of a post or a "teaser" for my client's to view before my final edits. With this session, I had too many  favorites, it was basically what I would like to call "photography glee overload". When I got home, I was so pleased with the emotions and love coming from those photos, I couldn't wait to share this blog. Dawn showed an unconditional love and warmth for her darling children that could easily be paralleled to the rays of  the sun in our photo shoot.

Please enjoy this warm hug from me, and the F Family!

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