Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas, 2013!

Hello again,

It's such a beautiful day here in Texas. And yes, we even have "cold" weather for this fast approaching Christmas. And since I am currently deadline free (HOLLLLLAAAAAAA!!!!!), today has become a day of much needed Christmas prep with my sons. Wrapping gifts, watching old movies, and new. It's given me a clear head, and almost nothing to do. Today, I can't help but reflect on this year, and my little growing family.

Jacob and I have been parents now for a very short 5.5 years, and with each year, I try my best to come up with a Christmas photo that illustrates our family the best. With one photo, that can be quite a task. Especially when two little boys have their own ideas. So that one photo has to be lasting, and unforgettable.

Last year my youngest was a brand new baby. Everything was small, and new. My eldest was adjusting very well to being our "one and only" for four years, to being a big brother. For him, being an older brother was, and still is better than being a super hero. That's why this photo will always be so dear to me, and without any words...  this photo speaks so loudly about their brotherly love, and relationship. Gentle protective love. The total opposite of  "controlling and competition". On the contrary, he wanted his brother so badly to be here, I know that he will always want his brother. And for that, I couldn't be more thankful for his protective loving nature.

This year hasn't been much different in regards to their beautiful friendship, but now "The Boss" moves around on his own, and really wants to keep up with his big brother. That age difference doesn't matter. He has an adventurous heart like his big brother, and wants to get into everything he sees him doing. "The Duke" never turns him away either. He MUST take him along for the ride, they're a package deal. And everything their Father and I have prayed for.

So once again, this years photo truly does show off this pair of brothers, the way I usually see them. Together, and making memories.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by all these handsome men. I don't know what I would do without those sweet faces in my life. Thank you Lord for a very successful year in business, but above all thank you for my family. I am confident 2014 will also be just as blessed.

Here's a warm HUG, from my family... to yours.

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