Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Not just a wedding photographer anymore!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Alexandria Tyler Photography (That't me!) has been in business for almost eight years now. Wow. And with all starts to any business, comes the trial and error process. (Yes that thing.) When you first start out with your business you should have a plan in mind. With question's for yourself such as, what you want from your client's, and what you can deliver to them?
When I began this journey into the life of photography, I was a newly engaged young twentysomething.
I was attracted to love, engagement photos, and WEDDING'S! I pored myself over any wedding or photography magazine I could get my hands on, obsessing over photo after photo while planning my own nuptial's. Soon after getting married, I emerged my own business into the wedding scene. I knew how to relate to the new couple, speak the language of the Bride's, and be sensitive to the detail's that a wedding requires. My number one goal with every wedding is to truly make friendship's, and connection's with my bride's. I want them to feel comfortable laughing and crying in front of me, and yes book for anniversary sessions.
However, in the beginning with my business, I took the stale approach of taking myself out of the equation. To simply make it "just business" and not include any of my friendly detail's, or personal stories. and... That's.Just.Not.Me!

Now, I am a late married twentysomething, with two beautiful son's, and an added view on life. I have become known for my portraiture, and gift for making the most camera shy people really enjoy just being themselves with me and my camera friend. I have made built my business on a personable foundation, and would love to continue that with my family, friend's, client's, client's to be, and supporters here at this blog.

I am very excited to share my beautiful moment's and memories with you all!

Hold on to your hat's.....  

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