Friday, April 26, 2013

My Father, the Hero

In my home we are very fitness oriented. With busy schedules and a growing family, we find play time as also an opportunity to squeeze in a few reps here or there. For example my husband plays soccer with our eldest in a weighted vest. It looks pretty funny, but he gets results. Those results are indeed visible with his physique (Pictured below), and in how our son views fatherhood, and his dad. He looks up to his daddy, and one day wants to be just like him. If you were to ask my boy who the strongest, smartest, super hero was, he would of course say his dad. And, he would also gladly tell you that his dad is better than your dad. ....We are working on the latter.

Both of our boys adore their father, just like my husband adores his father, and I adore mine. I thank God each day that He has surrounded me with such manly men. And Godly examples of fatherhood. I couldn't ask for a better partner in raising these boys into men.

I look forward to the day we teach the baby how to bust a flex. You better believe he'll be shirtless doing these progress photos with his big brother and daddy too.


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