Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The little thing's

The days have been busy and long in the Tyler home this year. I am learning what it's like to juggle a larger photography work load, add a second business, not to mention an extra child all at once.

This year Mother's day for me, will have a much deeper meaning.

Younger Alex would stay up all night, and sleep till 10am. Alex of one child would sleep less, but she had sleep. Busy mom of two Alex is exhausted! But blissfully happy.

I won't lie, those mornings,( like today) when I have had two hours of sleep aren't easy. But, how many people get to live this life, and take this opportunity I have been given? I should never forget the little things. Like staying home with a successful business, or how happy this lil' guy is when I get him from nap. He looks at me like a rock-star every time! A big grin just like his Daddies, and I don't have to miss a moment. "Thank You Jesus!" is all I can think.

Today's Mantra?
"Pour yourself another cup of white tea, rub some dirt in it, and don't forget the little things"...

Enjoy this warm hug from us!

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